New Car Sales Associate

Hi I'm Paul Park

I used to be cheerleader years ago when i went to Seton Hall.  Now i guess you could say I'm a cheer leader for Honda, for DCH and for our Honda store here in Paramus.
And there is a lot to cheer for.
Honda's are great reliable cars. When you back them up with the reliability of a company like DCH and all the support they give employees... and even more so - how much they stand up for their customers and the communities they serve, then you have a whole bunch of things going on that make this a really, really good place to work, get to know people and for customer to buy cars.
I'd love the chance to get to know you when you consider working with DCH Honda in Paramus and if you ever have any questions about Honda vehicles I would be more than pleased to help you out and get your questions answered.


- Paul

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My Hours:   Monday: 1pm-9pm
Wednesday: OFF

All About Me

My Background

  • I am:
  • married
  • Children:
  • A 15 year old son and 13 year old Daughter. My son is leaning toward going into the medical field.
  • I speak:
  • Mainly english and Korean, but also some Spanish.
  • My hometown is:
  • Scotch Plains, South Plainfield, South Orange & Bloomfield NJ
  • My Alma Mater:
  • Seton Hall University - I was a cheerleader for the basketball team! We had great trips with the team.
  • Years at DCH Paramus Honda:
  •   2 years

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    Family & Things I Like

  • Sports I play:
  • Kung Fu
  • My hobbies are:
  • XBox and Video Games with my 15 year old son, spend time with my mother.
  • Favorite shows or movies:
  • The Walking Dead
  • My favorite sport:
  • UFC
  • My brothers/sisters:
  • 4 Younger Siblings
  • My Favorite Holiday:
  • Thanksgiving and Christmas
  • When it comes to Cooking:
  • No... my wife throws me out of the kitchen!
  • My Favorite Foods:
  • Hamburgers, Chajangmyun (rice noodles w/soybean paste)
  • On My Bucket List:
  • Go to the Grand Canyon, be financially stable, stay happy, visit Korea to see my Aunt.

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    Cars, Hondas and DCH

  • What I Like Best About Honda:
  • Without a doubt - with Honda's - it's reliability.
  • I Love This Work Because:
  • Meeting all the new people I get to meet.
  • My Favorite Honda Model:
  • The Honda Pilot - my kids love the roominess, comfort and quiet.

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    Advice for My Customers

  • My Favorite Part of Working with Customers at DCH Paramus Honda:
  • Not the initial moment of meeting, but later - getting to know the customers... their strengths and faults./
  • The Most Important Thing A Car Buyer Should Decide is:
  • Price and what works for them.
  • What is Means to be a Professional:
  • Having, or getting the correct information, and helping customers be happy in knowing the car they have chosen is right for them.

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    "At DCH Paramus Honda delivering customer happiness is what we do every single day. Stop by and let us help deliver your customer happiness too!"

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    Is it time for you to partner up with your Honda Sales Advisor & zero in on the new, or used Honda of your dreams? Call, email text or come by. I'm all set to help out!

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